Thursday, August 27, 2009

Life is like...
A pathway

Wait, wait. I'm not speaking about a universalist or multi-religious belief, but the Christian walk.

At least that's the subject we focused on yesterday at our faculty orientation at MPOW. We took an adaptation of the Spiritual Path Survey and then discussed the various ways each of us followed Christ.

And the speaker gave us four books which relate to this. I haven't ready any of them, but they appear to cover some thought provoking topics. When we discussed how we rated ourselves--a process I'm always a little suspicious of--we discovered that we all experienced times when the convictions of a certain type of Christian made us uncomfortable because that wasn't how we worshipped. Upon reflection, I'm glad to learn about these types, not to label people--librarians NEVER label (heh), but to know when I feel out of my comfort zone and maybe be a little more accepting of a Christian is more celebratory or sensate. (look it up:-)
Here are the titles.
Sacred Pathways, by Gary Thomas - The source of the Spiritual Path Survey
Invitation to a Journey by Robert Mulholland
Soultypes by Krebs and Kise.
Your Personality and the Spiritual Life, by Reginald Johnson.

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