Friday, August 14, 2009

Catching Up and Going to Physical Therapy

Our books for this year are Amish Grace and Mere Christianity and I've been using the first as a launching point for orientation in the library. I read Mere Christianity too many decades ago to even contemplate, and this rereading is one of those experiences one has in revisiting a book with older eyes.
Amish Grace, on the other hand, was difficult to get into because of the tragedy, although the author handled it with skill and compassion. It may discuss forgiveness, but left me more curious about the Amish even if the lifestyle isn't one I wish to follow.

I'm eager for school start and see how our Freshmen respond to these two books. I've already spoken to one incoming Freshman who was looking for the definition of "mere" about her approach to the C. S. Lewis's essays.

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