Friday, February 13, 2009

Seasons of Failure

When I started this blog, I hoped to emphasize religious resources we could use at academic libraries. That's still my objective, although other events often interfere and my area here at MPOW isn't directly the area of theology and religion.
Given the current economic crisis and job losses, I did a little search on our database for failure in relation to Christianity. Failure to Christians "ain't" a bad or evil , even if it isn't enjoyable.
I don't remember the book, but many years (long before the scandals that rocked it in previous decades.) ago I read about a person who had converted to Catholicism from a cult because at last the Catholic church had admitted to being imperfect.

The God of Second Chances by Erik Koble (Westminster/John Knox, 2008) is MPOW most recent work on failure from a Christian standpoint. The emphasis in this work might seem individual, but group failure is also discussed. Maybe we should all step back and try again, even if there are consequences we will have to confront and handle.

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