Thursday, February 05, 2009

A little more on Updike from Sightings

This is the current "article," available only by e-mail, and as such is not yet in the Sightings archive at the time of this post. If you don't subscribe, wait a week and then enjoy. Here is a thought provoking statement from the article on Updike.

All literature functions in religious modes and by necessity addresses themes
and problems that we might dare call "theological," but Updike was a writer both
evident and unabashed in his willingness to engage God as narrative presence in
the midst of contemporary despair

The article sets Updike's literary frames of reference from Barth, Pascal, and Kohler, among others.

At the end of this article are references to additional resources to look for assessments about Updike, which is to say, don't ignore the end of this well-written piece. any College library supporting contemporary (?) literature would do well to provide links to these works.

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