Sunday, March 08, 2009

Just Say No

Do the economic woes make you believe you have been involuntarily thrust into an early Lenten Season?
Well, although I'm not Catholic, I understand the Pope has asked Catholics to give up technology for Lent. Since I'm working on a roundtable about managing e-mail (the new Paper Tiger) accounts, this might be a good time to practise a little restraint with e-mail. If you have completely renounced e-mail for the rest of the Lenten Season, you're probably not reading this!
However, if you haven't even considered it, why not think about it and try giving it up on the weekends or one day in the week. I'm going to try to stop looking at e-mail for 1/2 of my work day. I may have to post a reminder notice for urgent contacts, but I have found that if people really need to contact you, they will call. Tip of the Hat
Once you do this, let me know your experience.

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