Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Yesterday, a student asked a question about the history of circumcision. Our theological librarian started searching in the Encyclopedia of Religion. "How about Zondervan?" I offered helpfully. "I'm looking for more current information And besides, the topic is the history of circumcision, not circumcision among the Jews." he responded --or nearly like that. I took the hint and withdrew.
About 30 minutes later, he showed me an print article from the Biblical Archaeology Review which exactly what the student needed. "Another reason not to throw out print," he commented as he left.
Well, I went online this afternoon to check on this article's location. the BAR does have access to materials online for a separate subscription from print. Rats! I was hoping our print subscription would give us at least a discount if not free access. The current issue is free. It was a treat to look at this journal again and see the quality of articles. Now I should add links, but I've been working with other reference issues between writing this. Maybe next time.

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