Thursday, July 17, 2008

Viewing Season

You may be thinking, "Wow! the ISCL has really taken her own advice from yesterday to heart!" Would that that were so. I just happened to find some videos yesterday and wanted to share them with you.
With the New Yorker Cover, we're reminded once more of the power and ambiguity of pictures. Whether or not adding motion and sound to a picture deepens or inhibits meaning is a matter for others to debate. Here are three videos of broadcasts taken 10 and more years ago of Billy Graham from Ted.Com. They won't take you more than 45 minutes to see them.
Billy Graham at TED.
Two part interview of Billy Graham by Woody Allen. The comments are also interesting. No satire but the character and humor of Reverend Graham shines through even with Woody Allen.

And if you like satire--and I do--go to the latest satire on the 2008 campaign. They are certainly equal opportunity. Once again--you can comment.
If you're interested in satire in the Bible, check this out. along with irony and sarcasm. Do you think satire is a focus for bias or a foil for hypocrisy?

How does this relate to libraries? you ask. Our Instruction area is working with the First Year teachers to create links to articles on bias in the media. We've created a wiki and our summer students and I are locating materials for those areas.

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