Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Psalms of Ascent.

Since summer is the main season for travel, my church is running a series on the Psalms of ascent. Today, I thought the pastor said a psalm of assent. Assent to what? So much for not paying attention...
Eugene Peterson’s A Long Obedience in the Same Direction was cited in the first of the series, and I thought, "I'll look at that book again." I don't own it, and I think I'll have to locate a copy because MPOW doesn't own it either. Guess we didn't "assent." I was also surprised about the small number (around 300) of libraries who own it in WorldCat. Somehow I think the classification "meditation" precluded its purchase for scholarship at other places. So I checked LibraryThing for mention of owners and the number of holders/readers was almost identical to WorldCat. However, LibraryThing pointed me to a thumbnail of the updated/revised version at Google Scholar. I'll just have to wait until I can obtain a copy to reread this book again.

However, I have found a different kind of "assent" in that the related material provided by LibraryThing and Google Scholar were once not considered by libraries as part of the "experience" necessary for readers. The digital age has changed that in that the community of users which libraries pride themselves on knowing has enlarged considerably. We must beware of becoming only an inn on the trip, and maybe a Motel 6 instead of a Marriott.

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Lori Thornton said...

A Long Obedience in the Same Direction was popular back in the 1980s. I remember it being the book that we all passed around in church.