Thursday, July 31, 2008

Food Timeline

This fascinating site provides the history of food as we know it. One of the links is to foods in the Biblical era with references to recipes and scholarly resources. Sometimes even academic libraries need this information. Bible Colleges--Enjoy. [Source LM-Net from Gary Price's Resource Shelf]

The Good Book Cookbook, Naomi Goodman et al.
The Bible Cookbook: Lore of Food in Biblical Times plus Adaptations of Ancient Recipes, Daniel S. Cutler
Loaves & Fishes: Foods from Bible Times, Malvina Kinard & Janet Crisler
Cooking with the Bible: Biblical Food, Feasts, and Lore, Anthony F. Chiffolo & Rayner W. Hesse, Jr....includes extensive notes on ingredients

From Feasting to Fasting: The evolution of a sin, attitudes to food in late antiquity, Veronika E. Grimm---Biblical food references, dining notes, taboos and social practices.
Food and Society in Classical Antiquity, Peter Garnsey---excellent overview of the topic, includes diet, food supply, economy, health, taboos.
The Cambridge World History of Food, Kiple & Ornelas---history of specific foods and cuisine by region; food prejudices and taboos.
Food: A Culinary History, Flandrin & Montanari---several chapters on classical food
Food in the Ancient World From A-Z, Andrew Dalby---alphabetical arrangement, notes to classical authors, biblical references and contemporary studies. Also includes general notes on agricutlure and trade.

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