Monday, August 27, 2007

Ready, Set. . .
The First Day of an academic year is one of the reasons I enjoy working in an academic library. And the "first" official school day with a new building adds some extra zing to the whole event. Since I'll be at the desk for a few hours today, I'm doing a "grunt" of questions and statements people are making today. I'll also briefly post some of my activities, although I probably won't acknowledge who gave me the idea. Sorry...

"We're looking for our friend. She said she was on the computer."
- Me - "Maybe in the computer lab? You'll have to ask where she is."

"I can't find Worldcat." (We've updated our webpage.)
"You can try or Here.. Let me show you where it is on the webpage."

-Overheard: "He was trying to ride the compact shelving."

"Oh, it's right back here. I was going to ask you where the drinking fountain is, but I see it."

"I am in love with these great big tables." (tour group leader.)

One of my nightmares

"I can't find this book." Points to call number written on a scratch sheet.
Goody--got to play with the compact shelving myself.

Maybe you feel about new academic years like this. Oh, I agree with the comment made there as well.

"How do I log in as a faculty member?" (looks like a high school freshman!)

"Can we reserve the Library Instruction Lab for Wednesday night?" Yes you can.

Here's a link via Youth Specialties about the Class of 2011.

Two students are/were using Facebook.

To phone inquirer-- No somehow our account was disconnected from that subscription. They said today, but try again tomorrow.

Looking for children's books on the solar system for my teaching unit.

I Need to type up something --Use the 24 hour computer lab

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