Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Preparations Continue
The latest post at Pegasus Librarian on Fall preparations is a good indication of the activity occurring here and I suspect nearly every academic library in the country. The activities at MPOW is compounded by a not quite finished new building, not quite finished new website, and just about not quite finished new everything-- except me but then I have always been a work in progress.
I said a silent "amen," as I read the statement "Students aren't naturally equipped with a gene that tells them to visit the library when they have one type of question, the writing center when they have another type of question, the IT help desk when they have yet another type of question, and so on. "
So here we are also retweaking our information for students, faculty and campus staff to reflect our move and expanded services. Two weeks and counting for us. How about you? What items do you redo every year? every 2-3 years?

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