Thursday, July 26, 2007

August Highlights

My POW is moving to a new building next week, and as a result, I will be taking a break from this and other blogs probably until after we finish the round of Open Houses we're planning.

So, here are some points about August in case you can use them for ideas

Since these are taken from some old advertising postcards, the dates may be slightly off. If you're looking for something to promote during summer especially if you have a campus newsletter, maybe one of these will work. A quick search on the Internet will find e-cards you can send for almost all of the following days and/or weeks.

August 1 - Girlfriend's Day

August 5 Work Like a Dog Day -- And we will with the move!

August 6 Halfway point of Summer (boohoo)

August 6 National Pamper yourself day.

August 7 National Mustard day. Unfortunately, National HotDog Day came in July.

August 8-14 Don't wait--Celebrate Week. -- We're celebrating the move on the 10th with a picnic.

August 8 Admit You're Happy Day

August 12-14 Kool-Aid Days

August 10 - National Garage Sale Day

August 16-20 Reduce the Clutter Week -- Been there done that.

August 15 National Relaxation Day -- Same link as National Pamper yourself day

August 18 Bad Poetry Day

August 19-28 - Little League World Series - Go Team!

August 22 Be an Angel Day -- Do something good for someone without them knowing it.

August 25 Kiss-and-make-up Day

I'll be back when the dust clears.

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