Thursday, July 27, 2006

Reading and Writing and Digits

!!!!!!! (got them out of my system)

About a week ago the ACL discussion list posted a question about ministers in literature. Wouldn't you know, that I started finding books to read on this topic. I even put out a new book list in our Fine Print display-- or rather Fine Prints as a student reworked it and I'm too lazy to change it back--called Under the Collar. If you haven't noticed, Jan Karon's Mitford series is apparently over, but Philip Gulley's is not. His latest, Almost Friends, is the best of the Harmony series, although the rest are good reads and recommends for those interested. And I also just finished the Good News from North Haven, by Michael Lindvall. It's about 16 years old but a very funny set of essays on a year in a minister's life. While these works may not compare with Scarlet Letter or Elmer Gantry, they are great summer reads and the preaching is gentle.

As to writing, now that I've finished my article for The Christian Librarian, I'm cutting back w-a-a-y back. Oh, you've noticed. However, I noticed a similar article to mine about multimedia theory in July 2006 issue of College & Research Libraries "Multimedia Learning Theories and Online Instruction" by Nadaleen Templeman-Kluit. She approaches the topic from a comparison of webpage instruction to media while I am looking at it strictly from using presentation software. Unfortunately, mine isn't published yet. (sigh)

Oh yes, Digits My sentiments exactly.-I've been working with our digital camera and have rediscovered that my eyesight--although greatly improved-- still doesn't allow me to take focused digital pictures. Maybe it's the camera. Anyway, I've been working on a tour with pictures for our current library. So, I am still challenged by this, and this site isn't going to show many pictures anytime soon. Back to reading... May I have my exclamation points back? I'll trade a few semi-colons for them.

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