Thursday, July 20, 2006

Have you noticed the increase in videos on the Internet? Even Rick Warren is here. I haven't watched all of the followup by Dan Bennett but from what I heard, I know whom I want by the bedside of someone dying or gravely ill. The TED site has more video presentations. I discovered this via PresentationZen . Now TED blog does have the script to put this talk into my blog; however, I'm not even up to scanning documents or uploading pictures. No one's fault but my own, and these tasks are items I intend to start correcting today because I've been assigned the task of updating our library tour. h-m-m-m. I'm thinking podcasting (check that out on Google. Lots of libraries have podcasts for tours) and doing a paper walking tour using pictures and a map of our current library. Unfortunately, the map is not in a .gif or.jpeg format so I have to scan it. I took some more pictures last night, but need to upload them. Since the dock is in another librarian's office who is here only Monday-Wednesday, this may take time.

I really mean it when I say I'm not a techie person, so please don't laugh too hard when I try to explain what I'm doing.

My goal is to provide a variety of ways to tour the library from virtual to real with the view toward items we can just update in our new library. I'd show pictures, but I need to obtain permission.

Do you have a podcast or videocast of your library activities? What's preventing you fromusing this avenue of communication?

BTW, thanks for the facebook invites. Please send messages. I'm being reduced to reading spam!

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