Thursday, June 22, 2006

Travelin' Thoughts

As one who has exhausted her traveling budget, I'm not going to the Big Easy this week. I can only sit in envy as other post that they will be "not be writing" or send those annoying "I'm not in the office" responses on the e-mail discussion lists You know who you are!

However, for those of us who are homebound, here are some fun sites

Holy Destination! from Beliefnet venture down"America's Roadside Miracles" Enjoy and send more pictures in. [via Youth Specialties]

Quest for Learning: AmeriQuests provides an online peer-reviewed journal about sociological, cultural, and political issues in America .[forgot to write down where I found it. sorry. If it was your blog, kindly let me know] I searched the archives for "christian", "religion", and "church" and found enough articles to consider this a place to send students. However, I didn't find articles when I used more specific terms such as "Methodist," or "Quaker." Some of the articles are in French and Spanish.

Screen Adventures--See Animator v. Animation [via Youth Specialties] (i think.)
Correction 6/23/2006 NO! actually I found it here in the June 13,2006.

For those going to ALA, all the best. Please let us know about FOCLIS. Otherwise, this is your armchair traveler, signing off for now.

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