Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Progress in Tiny Steps

One of my reference goals for a unforseeable future is to identify online access for our print subscriptions. Sometimes this requires additional expenses but occasionally a current subscription yields unexpected results such as in the Yearbook of American & Canadian Churches. Now The YACC may have had electronic access for a while, but it's new to me. However, I've not been able to login yet because I have to identify the Registration ID something to which I don't have have immediate access. (Small sigh). Maybe someone has already jumped through all the hoops and has looked at the site. If so, please let me know. The information you need is on the back of your print issue.

I also noticed that the YACC 2006 has a theme caled "Postmodern Christianity:" Emergent Church and Blogs", pp. 15-20. Although the number of blogs and web sites listed is relatively small, several search engines such as Blog Heaven are given to help with searching. In a separate insert, blogging is compared to religious journaling and notes that

"The vast variety of religious prespectives available to Internet readers
represents a deeper and more fulsome reflection of the complex body that is the
Church...." And "Blogs also provide a platform for the articulation of religious viewpoints to the wider secular audience."

The author recommends checking blogdex for religious issues because "[they] rise to the top of most -discussed issues." -- from p. 19

Even if you are unable to use the login commands, you will profit from reading this article and passing the information on to interested faculty and staff.

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