Monday, April 12, 2004


If Easter is past, then Pentecost is coming and before that Ascension Day! While I'm happy--no thrilled-- that these two celebrations aren't as commercialized as Easter and Christmas, I often wonder why they don't receive as much attention. The biblical accounts are certainly spectacular. Not even a special wish or greeting? em> Do you decorate the church? Sing special songs? We did. By the way, the composer is the same one who wrote the music to Life is Like a Mighty Railroad. Do you suppose Mel Gibson would give them a try?


I love to read about revivals and mighty outpourings. A few students here would like a move about now in terms of inspiration as the school calendar moves toward finals.
Anyway, the New Morning Almanac last week mentioned the Cane Ridge Revival which started April 7, 1801 in Cane Ridge, Kentucky and lasted one week. Paul Keith Conklin wrote a book, Cane Ridge: America's Pentecost. The students probably would prefer something like the Asbury Revival of 1970 which is one of the few revivals to have actual footage of the move, with a link at the end of this article. I did a quick search for any encyclopedias or dictionaries, electronic or print, which just briefly identify various religious revivals and found nothing. Does anyone know of such a work and is it current?

Although this site isn't what I really want, The New Religious Movements from the University of Virginia covers 200 of contemporary movements and revivals such as the Brownsville Revival. The index is easy to use and the information and a bibliography and weblinks are at the end of each entry.

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