Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Anyone Going?

Theology and Pedagogy in Cyberspace II is this week. The writer of AKMA is giving the opening talk and offers this observation in his blog on metadata and the beginnng researcher as to one of the newer problems new researchers are encountering: "Of course as libraries locate more and more of their metadata... behind more-or-less secure firewalls, beginning researchers have that many fewer clues to go on."


And then from Orcinus comes a post regarding handling religious extremists stand-offs such as the one at Najaf, Waco in Iraq
and how they differ from other types of stand-offs. A book edited by Catherine Wessinger, Millennialism, Persecution, and Violence, is mentioned.
We currently don't hold a copy of this title, so I went to Google and entered the title along with WorldCat and voila! There was a list of libraries near me who held it. Cool.

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