Friday, August 17, 2012

Summer's End

Although the calendar doesn't state summer as being over and Labor Day isn't quite here, summer is over for those of us starting Fall semester of another year. We have been revamping our reference collection to reflect the changes to ebooks and database use.  And yet, summer is a welcome break with no meetings to attend or classes to prepare.  I've never been busier for a summer. 

I am restless for the whole new season to start and yet at the same time as a librarian I want be be more aware  that this year is not the same-old, same old but   a period of excitement of new students and faculty as Louis Schmier said
" I know when I am open, I am assured that I’ll never grow old; I may die of old age, but I’ll die young; and, my teaching will never get old. We have to open our inner tap and let that faith, belief, hope, and love flow vibrantly out from us. To succeed, we first have to believe in each student–in each student; we have to help each student–each student–believe. No teacher has the right to give up on any student. I’ll repeat that: no teacher has the right to give up on any student. Wasn’t it Buddha who said, “If we could see the miracle in single flower clearly, our whole life would change?” What if we saw such a miracle in a so-called “average student?” What if we saw an angel walking before each student, proclaiming, “Make way! Make way! Make way for someone created in the image of God?” A strong positive belief in a student will create more miracles than any “wonder” technology, publication, or grant. That understanding has to be lived, not merely spoken. St. Francis of Assisi was right, it’s no use preaching unless our walking is our preaching. After all, reputations are not built on what you say you should do or what you’re going to do. [Tip of the hat]

Academic librarians can experience that too.

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