Saturday, May 12, 2012

Milestones and Markers

MPOWcelebrated graduation a week ago, and I see others are currently having their celebrations this week.  May is a season of graduation.
Now, the normally bustling building hosts a few random users, remnants from the Spring and graduate students seeking to finish their research during quieter times around here. We start to contemplate our goals and next year's tasks.
In some ways it is business as usual. Students come, they graduate, life goes on. We have these milestones and markers graduation  and Mother's day to remind us life shouldn't be business as usual.  We need to pause and reflect.
Congratulations to all graduates, particularly our two circulation persons who have received their MSLS today.
 Happy Mother's Day to all who have "mothered' the next generations. We have the milestones and markers to show it.

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