Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fuel for Thought

Did you hear me really thinking hard about this blog?  Well I have.  You must not be listening. (smile).

Earlier this week, an article appeared about women and prayer in Christianity Today. I do think sometimes we forget other people can't read our minds but God Can.  The article seems to stress more original  extemporaneous praying than reciting one of the beautiful prayers from the Church, which is also an acceptable way to pray.  It would be interesting to know if gender preferences occur here.  Fortunately, prayer has no season, although there may be points where you are impressed to stop praying for something because the answer is complete. 

If you need help formulating prayers, The Encyclopedia of Prayer and Praise, comp. and edited by Mark Water (Hendrickson 2004) is an excellent guide to prayers written by Saints throughout the years.  Not only prayers are entered, but  "extracts of classic Christian Teaching," stories about prayer and "effectual fervent prayers"  and  also quotations about prayer for those composing devotionals or talks.   What's interesting about this collection is the ratio of men to women with the majority of the prayer and thought by men.

The title is an allusion to a poem/prayer by Amy Carmichael

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