Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Back, Sort of.

These are the posts which offer apologies, reasons, resolutions.  Nope, not now.  Since I was somehow included in an awards blog, I feel obligated after a week of indecision to at least say hi. :-)
Salem Library Blog    Rats!  I've been trying to avoid these award thingies.  Nevertheless, thanks. 
Anyway, if you would like to see a truly good book review, one of my colleagues has sent a review in to Fides et Historia which should be appearing soon. 

 A couple of links  today from Books and Culture e-mail which were tantalizing rabbit trails. The first was a movie review for the Tree of Life. Love Wins was the second reference which came from a few more clicks.
This second one is going on my list of positive literature as soon as I read it. 

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