Wednesday, September 02, 2009

What's your reading pattern?

This is my  pattern. in an blog published today in the Guardian by Suzanne Munshower.
 In fact if you link to my LibraryThing page, you'll notice one tag "dnf," which stands for did not finish.  I may go back and read someday but right now, there's too much else to read through. Tip of the hat to Miss Rumphius Books  who has the discipline of perseverance. Me, Whenever I find my interest flagging, I'll skip to the end, read it, and then decide if I want to continue.  If the author wanted you to read it from beginning to end in that order, why write a book, why not make a movie instead or create a play? Poetry on the other hand, demands straightline reading.
I'm totally in sync with the post and I read it straight through, too.

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