Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving and Table graces

I just found a new -to me-blog Spirituality and Practice as I looked at a link to a book about table graces. While the blog includes all world religions, it has links to Christian materials I haven't found anywhere else. If any of you have a class in world religions, this site may prove to be a helpful source. There is even a reviewed list of the Best Spiritual Books of 2008.
Oh, and here is a Scandinavian Table prayer from a commercial site - with a minor correction of a typo:
"In Jesus' name to the table we go. God bless the food we receive. To God the honor, us the gain. So we have food in Jesus' name." This is similar to one I had posted in my kitchen for years.
Grace should certainly not be this

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. To my Canadian friends, I hope yours was wonderful as well.


Norma said...

Thanks for the links!

I’m trying out a new blog skins at Church of the Acronym and Collecting My Thoughts. Stop by and leave a comment.

Kristin said...

The link to the Swedish Table Prayer was from my site and I apologize for the unfortunate typo. It has been corrected!

My grandparents were from Sweden and family has said the grace for years.