Friday, November 21, 2008

Christian Literature

You may remember Masterplots as that series high school students used if they didn't have time to read a book or short story. Did I say just high school students? Salem Press has created a four volume set of MasterPlots II: Christian Literature summarizing over 500 stories, essays, poems, novels, and more written throughout the centuries. Although the entries are alphabetical order by the title of the work--creating some strange bedfellows-- indexes in the fourth volume provide order by chronology and genre. I thought I knew enough to identify major Christian writers, but this set has provided new titles by some familiar authors such as Annie Lamott and unknowns--to me--such as Dallas Willard. I will find more reading material with this set. A glance in WorldCat holdings shows that most academic libraries hold copies of this set. I plan to find ways to also promote it for use.

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