Tuesday, November 27, 2007

500 posts have been reached. I believe I said earlier that I would work toward this goal and decide from there as to how whether or not to continue. I have been hard pressed to not only find time but enough time to write. When I start writing I don't want to draft an item, but finish it at that time.

In the past 5 years, the dynamics blogging and other collaboration has brought to the Internet have resulted in so many people joining in that I feel like some early settlers who felt that everytime they saw chimney smoke, the land was becoming to crowded. And yet, it's not that crowded. I might rethink the whole blogging scence for one reason: I have no desire to write multiple paragraphs on topics. If I want to write long essays, I'll use a different medium.

So here's to another 500? Do I hear 250? ok maybe 10 more or at least until I can review all those posts I've been saving.
Update: Of course, just after saving this, I come across a post from Mashable.com on blogging tools. Enjoy!

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Lindsay said...

Linda, Here's to another 500! I don't often comment on your blog but there have been numerous times that I've forwarded info that you've posted on to faculty and library staff at OBU.