Friday, October 05, 2007

Post # 486 or Do not Pass Banned Books Week - Go Straight to Burning...

Yes, that's all I have written in the past 4 years. When I reach 500 sometime later this year-- or maybe next--I am going to seriously evaluate if I should keep on. After all there is a time to also quit as well as a time start.
Here are a couple of articles that I encountered this week which at first may seem unrelated but actually may be cause-effect oriented.

The first is from Campus Technology newsletter about the decline of reading Waste Paper: Communications and the Decline of Print [via]
The second may indicate why students have lost the desire to read and it may not be just technologyCampaigning parents plan to burn children's books with grisly endings [via] or maybe this one from the Christian Science Monitor will help give more perspective. The article starts:[via]

My 14-year-old daughter just completed another cycle of required summer reading,
and the tally of distressing plots continues to mount.
She first complained
about the number of sad, even sinister, story lines two years ago. But this
summer the problem became a crisis. Normally an avid reader, she began to shy
away from any form of fiction for fear it would focus on some rape, murder,
emotional abuse, or other horrible outrage

I don't propose to weigh on on banned books or "proper" reading for children, but if in our zeal to encourage reading we choose only one kind of genre or theme because they are "profound" are we not also "banning" books which might speak more to the reader

For more different spins on the issue take a look at the three posts here, here, and here about banned books from New Leaves at the C-N Library. Nicely done. Lori!

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