Wednesday, September 05, 2007

More Catchup from August

Do any of you advertise faculty blogs? I saw this idea referenced in August on Library Stuff and wondered if anyone is collaborating with faculty in our small colleges. I have it on my agenda and have asked our library liaisons to ask for any blogs to post.

All summer long, I watched several threads on booklists of various types. One of the more interesting ones was an almost meme about Books that started you reading from Papercuts.
For me, it was a 10 volume set of Junior Classics my parents had at home. It had very few pictures, but I became fascinated by volume 3 on myths and legends. The other book was Egemeier's Bible Story Book. We were rural and didn't have "free" access to a library until I was 10. When the city library went county wide, my dad immediately went to the library and signed us all up. What about you.

Open house duties are beckoning today, two classes tomorrow, and convocation on Friday.

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