Friday, May 04, 2007


While I'm sitting here eating a Twinkie breakfast because I woke up too late and reading e-mail, the monthly posting from the Religion and Culture Web Forum arrived with its topic

This month the Religion and Culture Web Forum presents an essay by Jon Pahl, Professor of the History of Christianity in North America, Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia:
"The Desire to Acquire: Or, Why Shopping Malls Are Sites of Religious Violence"
Pahl's essay combines field research (a trip to the Mall of
America) with theoretical reflection on the place of shopping malls in the cultural and spiritual landscape of America.

Hmmm. What other places might be considered sacred places in regards to their functions? Hmmm. Since I was going to use Nancy Maxwell's book as one of the books I enjoyed reading this year, this e-mail's arrival was timely.

One book I wish I had had time to read was Godly, Righteous, Peevish, and Perverse. Just couldn't pick it up and do sustained reading, although it sat on my desk for over 5 months.

Do you see any what seem to be unusual combinations to you in literature or in your library?

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