Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Spring Cleaning, Summer Gathering (ok so they're both about spring)

Yesterday, I took all the old puzzles, clothes, books, and other no longer used detritus to my church's annual garage sale. I find that this opens space for newer things. So today, my "spring cleaning" is in my April InSeason Links. I apologize ahead of time if you have seen these elsewhere and I don't correctly mark where they came from. I hope to do this at least once a month. If you are interested in receiving the links directly from my pages, just e-mail me.

I missed posting this list from Faith and Values and another very different set TV for National Library Week.

Looking for recommended library sites - go to

April was also Poetry Month and Poetry Teachers was an educator's site worth posting.

One post I should have linked for Earth day was this one from FactMonster.

33 Reasons librarians are still important received mention elsewhere. My concern as has been noted over the years is that we tend to conflate the value of a library with the value of librarians.
I think this conflation creates difficulty in making our case for the value of both with those outside the profession.

Has the One-Eyed Monster been blank this week? It's TV Turnoff week. Hey! There is even a poem on the front page.

If you were too busy being creative you may have missed this.

And let's not forget the Ides of April.

And if all this reading is making you hungry, don't forget the International Edible Arts Festivals BTW,What a great idea during NLW or Poetry Month or even Creativity Day.

My cupboard is bare. Bring on May.

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