Tuesday, November 28, 2006

For this I got an MLS

Yesterday, one of our many printers started jamming--again! The student who had been sitting at the computer for over 20 minutes printing web pages was visibly frustrated. "That happens when the printer becomes too hot," I explained as I opened and closed the lid.
"What are you trying to print?"
"I have to have thirteen front pages of websites for my class." She sighed as she clicked on the print button again. "My teacher wants us to have them for a resource."

"Really?" I said. "Have you considered bookmarking them on Delicious or another bookmark site? Then you wouldn't have to print the pages, and the instructor could view them with your comments."
"Sounds great. What's that?"
"Here, I can show you in just a minute." And for the next 30 seconds I demonstrated the power of bookmarking.
"I'm going to tell my teacher." She said as she went out the door.

For this I got an MLS?

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