Friday, September 08, 2006

Remembering here
( also has a scrapbook located on its front page.)

With convocation scheduled for today and a slew of classes to finish preparing for next week, I wasn't going to post any more, but September 11 will be here on Monday. Many of the search sites such as Librarians Index to the Internet have quality resources. What I don't find there is a list of commentary, such as this from FaithStreams. The site mentions the arrival of new books on the day. Our library has a gap in materials on 9-11 related to the Pentagon. Anyone want to recommend a book?

In addition, despite the heated controversy over the ABC dramatization, there are several videos and documentaries on 9-11 which are mentioned on FaithStreams. [via New Morning Daybook8-9-2006 from FaithStreams]

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