Wednesday, July 05, 2006

"Riding the Rapids of Change," the theme for next year's ACL Conference resonates as an exciting possibility for some really creative as well as practical topics for posters and sessions.
One site I like to use to help think about change is Change This. Two articles at this site which I'm planning to read this week are "Non-Geeks are Not Morons" and "Know the Codes: Why We Act, Buy, and Love as We do." Both deal with issues which affect change.

Creating Passionate Users also deals with Creativity and issues surrounding it. Death by Risk Aversion addresses our fear of "launching out." [via]

The temptation to not change may be because of this fear, and I'd better stop before I dig this hole any deeper. The Serenity Prayer is not a prayer cowards or fearful should pray because it just might be answered.

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