Friday, July 07, 2006

A Festival of Links -- This is too cool and perfect for those of us who are html challenged[via #379]
Searching State Government page also from the above.

And it's not too early to look at the Mindset lists (I saw on a discussion list but can't remember which): Beloit and Massey University

Have you tried SARA [From the Informed Librarian Newsletter]? Now is a good time to review the services you offer your faculty and consider alert services.

One more article for thought: "The Art of Student Retention," which identifies the issues dealing with retention of students and how various colleges and universities are addressing it. Did you know Harvard and Yale graduate 9 out of every 10 students who enter while open enrollment schools usually have around 4 out of 10? Some of the answer appears to be money and higher SAT scores, but they are not the only reasons. [from Inside Higher Education]. Can we show that improving library interfaces, i.e., our student workers, with new students helps retain students?

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