Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Conference Season part II.

Did I forget to mention hangers? You can take 2-3 and then leave them.
And then if things are really not copacetic, recite with me: It's only three days. It's only three days.

So I'm in the pre-conference phase which means going through the following checklist:
preparing for my presentation? CHECK.
Are the handouts are ready. CHECK
CD Burned incase of Internet problems? CHECK
presentation as close to memorized as possible. CHECK
Packing begun? Well -- I have piles of things around my suitcase to pack.
Office desk clear? as clear as it will ever be at any other time of the year.
Technology update? Tracfone service added. No digital camera.
Items which need immediate attention post conference? Not yet.
Five days and counting---
See you at Conference


Lindsay Van Sicklen said...

Hi Linda... Love your check lists. I have some too. Lately I've had unsettling dreams where I'm several hours "down the pike" and realize I didn't put my luggage in the car and/or leave Bandit at the kennel. Will be glad to be on the road on Friday...hopefully minus the mishaps. Lindsay

Linda Jones said...

Thanks. I know I'll overpack in one way and underpack other items.