Thursday, June 01, 2006

Conference Season

It's June, the halfway point of the year, and the season for all those lovely conferences are here. Of course you may already have been doing conferences for a few months already, but I digress.
My favorite one is less than two weeks away.

A couple of blogs I read have spoken about conferences. Stephen's Lighthouse gives a wonderful if somewhat overwhelming list of items to take and to do at a conference. You'll have to scroll down a little to find it. This list works IF you are going to a hotel/convention center. If you are going to a college campus, like Indiana Wesleyan, we seasoned campus conferencers must alter this a bit.
Bring an extra pillow or a sweater you can ball up for additional height.
(The sweater can come in handy if the nights are colder than anticipated.)
The e-mail suggested a fan, but I still haven't determined how to bring one on a plane.
Bring extra towels and washcloths--there are never enough.
If you can figure out how to pack a nightlight in your suitcase and have it arrive safely, do so.
If you need an traveling alarm clock to rouse you in the morning for devotions, bring it or use the lack thereof to miss.

See if you can stop at a Big Box store on the way and purchase these items. Donate them at the end of the conference if you have no way to carry them on an airplane.
Casual does not mean sloppy, but you don't have to be a fashion maven either because the lanyard will prevail!
Set a few optional goals for the conference
Eat ice cream -- if you have a car take me with you.
Make new friends; renew older ones.
Step out of your comfort zone just a little.
What is non optional is to have fun.
If you're coming and you read this, say hello!

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