Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Things I never would have heard 10 years ago at the reference desk.

1. "Don't tell me you'll find this in 5 minutes when I've been looking 5 hours."

I didn't -- but significantly less time

2. "I looked everywhere last night for a definition for musical collage. I looked online, in books, everywhere. I thouht about you.
Well did you ask [the reference librarian on duty?] "
no, it was after 10:00 when I started. Our reference desk closes at 9:00
Too late now?
"Too late now but the teacher took the one I found. The professor said the definition was in the text but I read it twice and never found it."

3. "I think this is too large to print."
How large is it?
88 pages

4. To a different student: "Quit sending copies to print for a few minutes. I have the change the toner in the printer." The students who normally would do this were unavailable because of Finals Week.

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