Monday, April 03, 2006

Coming Together
As part of our NLW/Easter week, we're having an impossible question from Monday to Wednesday. The first question is What poet wrote about riding a horse on Good Friday?
The students finally found it with a little help. Can you do it without any?

Literacy blogging
Check out ACRL blog for two recent postings on information literacy here and hereToday's posting ends with this observation
"Perhaps one thing we need to do as a profession is to be sure we are well versed (or have some level of comfort) with these new media technologies, and able to communicate with both faculty and students about them. As academic support professionals in higher education our challenge will continue to be how we can best help our students to obtain the literacies they will need to succeed in the workplace and as life long learners."
It's absolutely important that we model what we expect our students to accomplish and that includes more than the reference librarians.

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