Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Saint Patrick's Day

This Saint's holiday reminds me of how sparse most Protestant academic colleges' stacks are in regards to biographies of Early Saints. I checked ours and we have only one, St. Patrick: The man and his works by Thomas O'Loughlin. Sure, we have the Catholic Encyclopedia and Butler's Lives but sometimes students and others want to read a little more in a book format. The lack of material is no excuse since St. Patrick has a host of biographies, such as George Otto Simms, St. Patrick: The Real Story of St. Patrick ( Dublin, 1993) or E. A. Thompson, Who was St. Patrick?(Suffolk, 1985; New York, 1986) which I found at Wilson Web's Biography Plus Illustrated Database. Many of our students will read good biographical material on Christian Saints, if we provide it. This goal doesn't require a huge sum of money; just a little planning.

In addition, here are two web links. The Real St. Patrick, I used last year, while I couldn't locate any previous link for the Saint Patrick Centre

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