Sunday, March 19, 2006

One thing you don't learn in library school

You will have to work on Sundays-- sometimes. (Is working in a library on Sunday violating one of the Ten Commandments or akin to pulling the ox out of the ditch?)
That segues into my next topic

A little Refgrunt

+Where is the survey material for Social Work? -- Refers to Measures for Clinical Practice.

+The microfiche printer isn't working. This took 20 minutes and 3 people to locate the paper jam.

In between, I'm preparing for two Freshmen writing classes who are looking for career resources. -- Anyone for Professional horseback rider? This requires a BA?

I'm looking for Physical dynamics textbook. -- Choose subject search not keyword. Finds one but decides to go to a department library which consists only of texts.

Social Work student is back. -- Looking for a test for Secondary Trauma. Find several using PsycInfo. We also identify other terms to use.

Need conservative and radical views on gang violence. We go to our catalog and then Social Work Abstracts and Criminal Justice Abstracts and finally look at some links found at CQ Researcher and other sites.

I finish the Freshman preparation and look at mapquest and Orbitz for possible travel routes and times to ACL and I perform some supervisor functions for circulation.

Another Social work student with a different assessment request. How social workers view religion in their clients.

Do you have a pen I can borrow?

UPDATE. I could swear someone read my blog.

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