Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Anniversaries and Births
In the middle of looking a link posted by LISNews.org on the anniversary of the World Wide Web (Nov. 12, 1990), I realized I was also looking at a "new" by product of that invention, American Heritage.org, and in accordance with part of the purpose of this blog, I began looking for religious topics available from this site. I came across this article by Martin Marty on the Moral Majority. This article puts the current political movement of both right and left within the context of U.S. History and accurately summarizes just where joining politics and religion ends. Since this article was first published almost 25 years ago, much of the conclusions, i.e., creating opposition by organizing, has occurred and much of the current "game" as Marty identifies is "Follow the Leader." So much for our vaunted individualism.

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