Friday, July 22, 2005

Humor at the Reference Desk
One of the many discussion lists I'm on has just started a series of postings about humor at the library and I thought I'd pass on a few links for your enjoyment and future reference Thanks to all of those who have and will post today and brighten a hot, humid Friday.
Laughing Librarian's blog has many links to humor in general as well as the reference desk.
Weird Reference Questions is apparently anecdotes from a reference librarian in hawaii.
Finally,Thompson/Gale will send you an e-mail each week with humorous reference encounters.
Of course biblical humor is always welcome here. has a joke a day page which you can receive via e-mail. Some days I don't need inspiration so much as a good laugh. These also come in handy when you are waiting for something to load on the computer during your presentation.


penguinn said...

Did you get the comment on the ACL listserv about the student who walked into Woodie's 'building'? She was looking for A/C, walked into the reference area and back, then asked "is this a library"???

Linda Jones said...

Yes I saw it. Thanks for adding the comment. My favorite is the junior high student who asked me if I had any bee books. She meant books with the letter B on them.