Thursday, June 09, 2005

Conference Time is here
I will be away for a week at the ">ACL annual conference. I'm not doing presentations this year, but I will be facilitating at least one and mentoring a new attendee. I hope you can attend. Meanwhile, I've found a couple of links you can enjoy

Managing your E-Collections

One of the comments about our e-collection is that no-one uses it. Part of that is the fault of the librarians who should be showing students and faculty the sites and making sure the site is properly linked. Here at Sprague Library we are redesigning our website to better connect the electronic collection with the print resources. Last year I created a database of links and showed we had over 500 electronic links. However, I just found this link today via the OSS-LIB discussion list and it may prove useful for managing the list. Definitely on my to-do list when I return from conference.

New Blog

Another ACL member has begun a blog, The Recliner Commentaries. This isn't about libraries so much as his personal opinions. Worth the reading anyway. As he noted in an e-mail, sometimes a discussion list isn't the best place to post comments. What better way to be able to editorialize than in one's own blog. If I were teaching a current events or civics session, these would be great discussion starters.

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