Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Blogging at the Conference

At lunchtime it was suggested that I should be blogging as I attended the workshops, Somehow I can't visualize myself typing and listening, and my bones don't want to carry any extra pounds around. Have a heart; it's hot here. However, I recently saw a new laptop (sorry, don't know the brand) which allows one to write on the screen and it looks small enough to not become too cumbersome. So actually, this is a note to self to put some links on this post later and do a little more research. I've attended workshops about saving money, information literacy, and collection analysis. Next comes LEEDS libraries and mentoring, federated searching and citation software (?), but the highlight of the conference will be tonight!
Anyway, one more day and it's time to go home.


Elizabeth Werner said...

It was a good conference. I enjoyed all the presentations I attended: Information Literacy and the Reluctant Student, Reference Interviews, Saving money for librarians, Cataloging records, Books and Parchments by Ken Gangel, Maps.

Did it really get to 98 degrees on Wednesday? It did not seem that hot. It was a dry heat--a pleasant change from Florida's humidity.

Thanks for all the ice cream sites.
Going for icecream is one of the added value benefits of ACL.

Next year--Ivanhoe's in Upland, Indiana. (It's about 15 miles from Indiana Wesleyan.)

Linda Jones said...

Bring on Ivanhoe's!

penguinn said...

When I was in grad school (2000-2001) a tech professor was talking about that kind of a laptop (that you can write on). that would be NEAT for taking notes in a lecture! I also had mentioned to him of an idea I had - a fat pen that you could use when reading. You would scan the lines you wanted to capture for notes and it would be stored in the pen, then download it into your computer. He held up his finger as if to say, wait a minute - went to his briefcase and -Voila!- pulled out "my" pen!!!! WOW! I think I am beyond being amazed anymore with what technology can do!