Thursday, April 07, 2005

New Search Engines

Like the Crocuses in my garden, these new search engines--or whatever the best term is--are popping up. Sorry, I don't recall where I saw the last two this week.

The topic I searched was "religious tattoos." Don't ask why! via This is in Beta right now and I like it, although it's limited to Google, Yahoo and AskJeeves. The search identifies what Google missed as well as the best results from all three. Good way to help students realize that Google or Ask Jeeves or Yahoo should not be the only search engine. No images so far.
The bright orange color adds cheery touch.

IceRocket -- Wow-- captured pictures of the webpage itself. Otherwise, it looks similar to other engines. The site features a link for blogs, but you have to submit yours before locating it. The response after I clicked on "submit," seemed slow, but our whole network is slow this week.

Topic Hunter doesn't do a metasearch but provides links to most of the major search engines. I like the information screen which pops up when you hold the mouse over some of the logos. I hope they add this feathre to all.

All three are going in my e-reference lists.

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