Thursday, October 14, 2004

Make a Difference Day

October 23 is Make a Difference Day. I have some suggestions here and here and here and here. Do you have any others?

Two Research articles [via Youth Specialties]

The Barna Group has published an article "Evangelism is most Effective Among Kids," and discusses the ages at which most Christians accepted Christ as Savior as well as who was probably most instrumental at that particular age.

And as a segue into Halloween:

The National Study of Youth and Religion has published "Youth and the Paranormal" which notes that the more someone attends church, the less he or she is going to accept paranormal activities.


Norma said...

The Barna report on evangelizing kids just seems counter-intuitive. When I see church buses dropping kids off to be greeted at the front door by parents who didn't go to church, I always wonder how effective (or Biblical) that can be.

It would seems parents figure in there strongly if 50% were led to Christ by their parents, and only 1 in 5 of the other half by a friend or relative. I think the statistics in the report are quite confusing.

Linda Jones said...

I agree. We used to say "Don't send your kids to Sunday School...Take them!"