Thursday, August 05, 2004

Seasonal Adjustments

Tis the season for food festivals to start which means summer is starting to draw to a close. We have less than four weeks before the start of a New School Year
One of my friends in the ACL listserv reminded us of the necessity of "harvesting" the memories of our elders before it's too late such as found here. (my words, not his.)
And while we think first of our family and friends, the need for recording memories of long-time faculty and staff retiring from our colleges is also true. Does anyone do this? In a few months, we will have "forgotten" what this summer was really like, even the memory can be false. If we don't intentionally locate and store these stories, we will end up like the occasional person who drives out to a field and picks a few pints. My friend included a lengthy list of questions to use for a life history project, but since the entire list is not yet available on the web, here is a site with some guidelines to get you started.
Update: for a better link to food festivals try the Chef2Chef Culinary Portal site. Yumm

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