Tuesday, August 10, 2004

The Notebook

Saw the Notebook last Friday as part of a girls' night out. While it would not have been my movie of choice, it was enjoyable and yes, now I'll read the book which apparently the movie does not follow too closely. I know, I know, it's not a "Christian" story but it does speak of the endurance of true love and miracles. Two things science has not been able to quantify. And I've always liked James Garner. I would rate it three hankies.

Additional blogs for you to read and enjoy as if you didn't have enough to do already :-)

Real Live Preacher-- great story telling here [via Creating Customer Evangelists]
Blogs4God front page is always worth a look. Oh here's one from August 6: "Family Man Librarian." Never know what you'll find if you don't look!

While I use an RSS feed, I usually read blogs through Watch That Page because I find it easier to work with at this time.

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