Monday, April 19, 2004

A refgrunt--sorf of

From Sunday -- not quite in order.

materials for persuasive speech on prayer in the public school. "My teacher said I couldn't use Google."
Do you have recordings for Elgar's Variations? My teacher said you did. Can we check out CDs? Yes and here is how you locate them.
Need to locate 1976 volume of Quarterly Journal of Speech.
Do you have these hymnals from the nineteenth century? Has been trying to locate local holdings and was browsing the shelves before I asked if he needed help. (I didn't recognize him as either a student or regular patron)
Books for children on learning disabilities--print bibliography kept for that purpose.
Do you have the latest SPSS software?
Maywe look around your library? (shows a community card?) of course. Give him a copy of our library brochure and map.
SPSS person returns There is no help in the computer center and the computer is not working right.

Where can I find information on the five platonic solids? Let's take a look at our Mathematic dictionaries and encyclopedias.
Little girl waiting for her father to complete a search: What are you doing?
Later she and her brother sign up for guess the number of pages contest
Yes, this is a secondary work, but it's also a literature review so go ahead and ask your professor. (About 10 minutes of discussion)

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