Wednesday, April 21, 2004

A dose of reality

My apologies to a few friends who religiously --and I don't use that term loosely-- follow Survivor. I was above all that. No one was going to catch me wasting my time. Then I found Starting Over-- which chronicles the successes and sometimes failures of six different women who are attempting to begin again while living under one roof. I was hooked and still am although the show isn't aired in this region.
This peccadillo would never have surfaced if I hadn't discovered another reality show
The Way of the Master through an April 13 article in ,"Chicken Mercies," written by Kirk Cameron. This is an excellent example of Open Air Evangelism in action, although it appears to be only eight episodes. The site was a winner of a People's Choice Award in 2004, and except for some slight navigational problems, was easy to follow. Just skip the intro.

Does anyone provide a list of evangelism resources for their students?

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